Curriculum Vitae

Name Dr Nicholas Akbar Ablitt
Address ...
Telephone 07976 644969
Date of Birth 17th of July, 1978.
Nationality British
Sex Male
Education 1999-2004 Imperial College, London.
1996-1999 University Of Warwick
1989-1996 Friary High School, Lichfield, Staffordshire.

Ph.D. in Computing at Imperial College London.

M.Sc. in Advanced Computing, Imperial College London.

B.Sc. (Hons) Computer Science 2:1, University Of Warwick.

A-Levels: Mathematics (A), Physics (A), Economics (A), General Studies (A).


My PhD is entitled ‘Analysis of Myocardial Perfusion with Magnetic Resonance Imaging’. This is under the supervision of Prof. Guang-Zhong Yang within the Visual Information Processing Group at Imperial College London.

The experience of completing a PhD has shown my ability to be self-motivated and successfully manage a large project. The project was carried out in conjunction with the Royal Brompton Hospital London and has provided me with extensive experience of interdisciplinary work, often with people from differing backgrounds and skill sets. The nature of this requires a dynamic personality with good inter personal skills. The work was implemented in both MATLAB and C++.

Many of the subjects I studied as part of my MSc were part of an Artificial Intelligence specialisation. My chosen courses included:

  • Network Security
  • Deductive Databases
  • Automated Reasoning

    My MSc project dealt with facial feature tracking for object based video coding. For this I was jointly awarded the Morgan Stanley Prize for Advanced Computing 2000. This project was coded in Java.

    During my BSc degree at Warwick I studied a wide variety of computing courses including subjects related to:

  • software engineering
  • distributed systems and concurrency
  • databases

    I also took options in areas related to:

  • business
  • mathematics and other areas.

    My BSc final year project dealt with coding a video object viewer and demonstrated some of the functionality of the then emerging MPEG-4 video standard. The project was coded in C.

  • Work

    While at college I have held a number of roles other than my studies. These are:

  • Warden of Imperial College Boathouse including the student accommodation
  • Coaching and management of Imperial College Boat Club novice squad 2003-2004.
  • Tutorial help for undergraduate students.

    My involvement at the boat club has included a large amount of organisation and planning work and the novice squads I have been involved with have proven to be the most successful in the country.

    Before going to University and during my holidays I have had two main jobs, these being:

  • Casual Technician, Lichfield Civic Hall.
  • Park Ranger, Beacon Park, Lichfield.

    During which I regularly worked within a team environment, and in the role of Casual Technician took on part of the responsibility of the running of professional shows.

  • Leisure I enjoy many sports, and in particular have regularly competed in rowing events nationwide. While at Warwick I was awarded University Half Colours for my rowing. This was followed by many successes rowing for Imperial College. While at Warwick and also later at Imperial College I set up and ran very successful Boat Club websites.
    Prof Guang-Zhong Yang
    Department of Computing,
    180 Queen's Gate,
    SW7 2BZ.
    Tel: 020 ********
    (Ph.D. and M.Sc. Supervisor)

    Mr William G. Mason
    Imperial College Boathouse
    SW15 1LB
    Tel: 020 ********
    (Director of Rowing, Imperial College Boat Club)